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Tuesday, March 27th 2007, 11:20pm

Thumbnail Previews

Hi everyone! My first post! Must say, I love KDE!

I have a few slight issues with KDE, things that I had in Windoze and would like to know how to do in KDE. The main issue I have is that when I have images in a folder, they come up as thumbnails, no matter what the location on Windoze. However, in KDE the thumbnails only show in local files, and sometimes they are very slow to load (some even fail)

Any ideas how to sort my (very small, but annoying) problems?

Cheers guys!


Wednesday, March 28th 2007, 6:54am

start the kde controlpanel (kcontrol), go to [kde components -> filemanagement], tab [examples and metadata], select the protocols you want to see the thumbnails in and specify the maximum filesize for generating thumbnails.
Help mee om KDE 3.5.5 in het Nederlands te vertalen


Wednesday, March 28th 2007, 4:20pm


Thank you very very much!! :-D