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Sunday, March 25th 2007, 11:13am

Lock session: cannot log back in

Hi all

I've had a problem that I have seen come up in the forums now and again, where if you lock the session, you cannot log back in (its says "Password Incoorect"). The solution offered in these threads is to set the correct permissions on the kcheckpass program to 4755 and make sure it is owned by root. However, it does not fix the problem for me. I think my problem lies with PAM. I did an strace on kcheckpass and found that it tries to open /etc/pam.d/kcheckpass, but this file does not exist on my system. I'm guessing creating this file will fix the problem, but I don't know anything about PAM or what I should put in the file. If someone could tell me what to put in it, or send me their config file, I'd appreciate it



Sunday, March 25th 2007, 11:51pm

mine contains this:

Source code

auth     include        common-auth
account  include        common-account
password include        common-password
session  include        common-session
session  required

(opensuse 10.2)
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