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Thursday, March 15th 2007, 8:03pm

kmail imap connection problem


I'm running a SOHO with our own courier-imap server. We have users running
LTSP thinclients who all get their session from the main XDMCP server. The are all running KDE on their Desktop. And everything works like a charm.

Except for one user whose Kmail won't connect to our imap server.
I've configured each User's Kmail to have three Imap Accounts:

Everybody's (save one) Kmail is able to connect and access their 3 Imap Accounts.
This one oddball user can only connect to 1 of the 3 Accounts. Everytime that user restarts Kmail she can connect to one of the Accounts (but which of the 3 Account gets connected to is random). The other 2 disconnected Accounts give an Error:

The connection to the server was unexpectedly closed or time out. It will be re-established automatically if possible.

Since the users are running identical LTSP KDE xterminals, I figured that some KDE
configuration file has gotten garbled. I've tried removing .kde/config/share/kmail/kmailrc without success. I've also removed the whole folder .kde/share/apps/kmail still without success.

Short of deleting this user, and starting from scratch, how can I get Kmail to work?
This is really weird.
THANKS for any ideas on solving this.