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Wednesday, March 7th 2007, 10:46am

can't configure additional panels

I know the answer to this may be staring me in the face but I am stuck!


If I add an extra panel or dock application bar etc, I can't configure it through the panel menu. The panel config window will only allow me to configure the main panel. I can drag an extra panel to any side of the screen and add applets and applications to it. When I right click it and open the panel config menu though it only lets me change the size, background, transparency etc of the first and main panel.

The handbook for the panel tells of an option to choose which panel I wish to config but I don't seem to have one. ;(

Can anyone help?


As long as it is linux it's ok

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Monday, March 26th 2007, 2:35am

goto control center -> Desktop -> Panel and see if you can configure the extra panel...