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Saturday, March 3rd 2007, 3:16am

KONTACT "loses" entries... EVOLUTION - Can I save to USB?

NEWBIE... Using Edgy 6.10 - all updates installed.

1) Started using Kontact and loved it until I realized it's losing entries. I enter 3 to-dos, exit and when I come back, they're gone. Or I'd re-shuffle priorities add a couple of to-dos, delete a few others and let Kontact sit open for an hour or so. Then I close it (out to lunch) and when I come back, it's back to the way it was originally... EXCEPT... the new to-do's are not there but the ones I deleted ARE deleted?!?!?

BTW... the only "resource" I use is on flash drive. I thought this way I could use the same file on home PC, office PC and lap top.

2) Now I thought I'd try switching to Evolution. IS THERE A WAY TO SAVE TO FLASH DRIVE... so I can use the same file at home, office and lap top?

Thank you for any help in advance.



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Saturday, March 3rd 2007, 7:53pm

RE: KONTACT "loses" entries... EVOLUTION - Can I save to USB?

Did unmount the USB stick in the meantime?

Evolution does not belong to KDE, you should ask another forum about that. I don't have a clue how to do that since I never used Evolution.
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Sunday, March 4th 2007, 1:37am

Kontact "loses" entries

I have not unmounted the USB stick since I posted this. What I did do today was unmount it, reboot, re-mount and open Kontact and the latest entries were there, just like they were before un-mounting. I wanted to test again and...

EVERYTHING WORKED FINE... I entered all types of entries, changed a bunch of things, kept exiting and re-entering and it worked fine... which makes me wonder...

Is there a setting I'm not aware of that has "auto-unmount"... for example "if flash is idle for X min? Or is there a "refresh" type script that doesn't run at times?



Sunday, March 4th 2007, 2:00am

RE: KONTACT "loses" entries... EVOLUTION - Can I save to USB?

WAIT!!! Just as I finished that post... the problem came back.

I tried to print "week" calendar and it only prints appointments I physically enter into the calendar. I wanted to add one of my "to-dos" onto the calendar: (i.e. "finish reading")

1) from "TO-DO LIST" view, right-clicked "finish reading" >"edit"
- under "date & time" > Due > "today" (3/3/) > 11 pm
Start > "today" > 10 pm
- clicked "time associated"

2) I forgot something... so from "CALENDAR" VIEW - I clicked and dragged "do homework" to "next day" on calendar at 8 pm.

3) I wanted to test and see if it sticks, so I "File > Quit" out of Kontact. Waited 1 min then re-entered AND THE 2 "TO-DOs ("finish reading" and "do homework") were GONE from the calendar.

4) I then repeated the SAME steps, put them back onto the calendar and wanted to print it. But it printed WITHOUT the 2 "to-do's" I just added even though they were visible on my monitor.

5) I went to print again and noticed that there is a box "include to-dos that are due on the printed days" but it's grayed out and I can't select it...

Sorry for the long narration... I hope this helps solve this. Thank you for helping.