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Friday, February 23rd 2007, 10:24pm

KPlayer disabling power saver.

can I set KPlayer to not disable the power saver for the monitor?


Monday, February 26th 2007, 4:25pm

Re: KPlayer disabling power saver.

Look on the General page in Settings - Configure KPlayer, I think there was an option that you can turn off. Not sure if power saver is the same as screen saver though.


Monday, February 26th 2007, 9:11pm

I've looked in there and can't find anything. Even if the player could close on the finish of the movie it would still allow for the power saver to go off I think.


Tuesday, February 27th 2007, 2:39pm

After your video stops playing, the screen saver will go off in five minutes or whatever your setting is.


Tuesday, February 27th 2007, 9:29pm

But I use the power saver which turns off the monitor, which I believe even saves the monitor more, and I'd like to use that. Do any other players have the option to close or activate the screen saver when they're done, so that the power saver works?

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Friday, March 2nd 2007, 2:06pm

KPlayer turns the screen saver off and then back on, at least that is what the manual says:

I think it never touches whatever you call "power saver", but I could be wrong. Could it be that MPlayer itself messes with that? What happens when you play a video with MPlayer from the command line?

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Friday, March 2nd 2007, 9:23pm

I don't know how to do that.


Monday, March 5th 2007, 2:09pm

Something like

mplayer -vo xv myvideo.avi

in Konsole...