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Tuesday, February 20th 2007, 2:01pm

How to import old configurations of KDE applications?


every time that I updated KDE, it used the old configuration files and everything was fine.
But now (3.4 -> 3.5 update) there is a problem: When I log in, the KDE startup takes ~5 Minutes. I used the top program and found out that during the startup, the kdesktop process slowly uses up all the memory and all the swap space, and only after that (I guess when there is no more memory to use) the startup finishes.

Since my current KDE configuration came all the way along 3.0 -> 3.1 -> 3.2 -> 3.3 -> 3.4 -> 3.5, I figured it would be the cleanest solution to go back to a clean new KDE configuration.

But of course I want to import the configuration of some KDE applications:

These are at least:
Kmail (not only the mails, but also the identities, accounts, filter rules, ...
and probably some more I do not think of at the moment.

What is the preferred way to import the configurations?



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Tuesday, February 20th 2007, 8:59pm

all local files for kde are stored in ~/.kde
~/.kde/share/config contains configuration files of applications
~/.kde/share/apps contains application directories with other data (like e-mails, addressbook, bookmarks, spell checker dictionary, etc. etc. )

If you want, you can clean out those directories.
For example, you can remove al *rc files in ~/.kde/share/config that belong to applications which settings are not important (e.g. kmailrc is important because it contains all your account information etc, but kdesktoprc can be missed because the desktop behavior can be easily reconfigured)
And you can remove all directories of applications that are not important or not used

~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals contains your general kde configuration.

Besides cleaning out ~/.kde you can remove the directory /tmp/kde-username and /var/tmp/kdecache-username.
Don't do this in a running kde, of restart kde immediatly after removing those directories.
This is because both directories contain files that are essential for kde to function. those files will be recreated at the next start.
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Tuesday, February 20th 2007, 10:21pm


I copied all files/directories in .kde/share/config and .kde/share/apps which seemed relevant to my new .kde directory. Everything seems to work now.