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Saturday, February 10th 2007, 5:49pm

Alt+Tab enhanced - find window by name?


We all know the feature that with alt-tab you can change to another window. Usually the list of windows is sorted by which one was used least recently. This is sometimes inconvenient: if I want to change to a window used somewhat longer ago, I need to tab through several windows until I find the one that I need.

It would be useful if I could somehow quick-search in the list of open windows, thus being able to quickly change to any other window and wouldn't have to keep reaching for the mouse to select a window that wasn't recently used.

What I mean is: something like press alt+tab, enter the first few letters of the title of the window you want to change, then press enter and voila.

Is there such a feature (or application) in KDE that would enable me to do that?

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Saturday, February 17th 2007, 11:42am

RE: Alt+Tab enhanced - find window by name?

Not that I know of right now. Maybe there are patches at, otherwise I'd suggest to submit a bug report at
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