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Saturday, December 9th 2006, 7:30am

how to lock down KDE and bypass KDE

I am running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4, Update 3, with kernel 2.6.9, Qt 3.3.3, and KDE 3.3.1.

I wrote a GUI in C++ using Qt which simply displays the status of something to the user. The GUI doesn't use KDE at all, just Qt and the local filesystem. I setup a user account for running my program such that when the user logs in, KDE comes up and automatically launches a GUI-based software tool. (I did this by putting a link to my program in $HOME/.kde/Autostart) The tool runs full-screen and I've setup KDE (using kiosktool) to lock down the user (i.e., he can't re-size the window or minimize it, he has no access to any other programs or icons or the K button or the desktop, etc.) So, in fact, I'm not using KDE for anything. My questions are: (1) how can I lockdown the KDE hotkeys (such as Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) as well so the user can't use them while logged in running my program; (2) should I even run KDE?? - maybe I should have X Windows or the login display manager just directly launch my application instead of starting KDE at all - how can I do this??

Thanks a lot for your help - I really appreciate it!! This problem is really holding me up...




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Monday, December 11th 2006, 12:18pm

RE: how to lock down KDE and bypass KDE

You can put you application in your ~/.xinitrc to load it when the user logs in.
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