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Sunday, October 29th 2006, 5:02pm

konqueror web how to ignore swf mime type?


is there a way to let konqueror ignore any flash files embedded in web pages?
I'm on amd64, I don't want or need flash, but konqueror always bugs me with the question what to do with this *.swf files.
If set to an external viewer, a box to choose the application is presented. If set to internal viewer a pop up window with 4 choices comes up:
download player, save file ( !!! ARRRGGGHHH !!! advertisement ! ), Cancel and above a checkbox to not bother me again.
However, this checkbox does not work ! For many years I now click on Cancel for every flash file I hit.

I even deleted the mime type entry in the 'file associations' section - no change.
I'm close to write a small dummy program to take the 'bloody' flash and die with it. Just to quieten konqueror down.
But this is surely not the recommended way.

Does anybody know the setting to make konqueror ignore *.swf files?
Undocumented entries to the rc file are welcome as well.

Help is much appreciated.

Update: I'm now on KDE 3.5.5, but this behaviour is unchanged for years.

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Wednesday, November 15th 2006, 9:35pm

RE: konqueror web how to ignore swf mime type?


no help here, this is what if done to get rid of clicking Cancel to the queries of *.swf :
Note: this is only the second best solution, as it will still download the *.swf files (ads, aaarrrggghh). However, no user interaction is required anymore.
It might be a design flaw, as konqueror does not provide a checkbox to ignore a known mime type... (at least I did not find it...)
I might file a bug report if this still persists with KDE4.

So, I created a victim application, taking the *.swf with it to dev/nil .
- konqueror is happy to have delivered the *.swf to somewhere.
- the victim application is happy to do it's job (not recognizing the forwarded file), just spawn to exit, easy living!
- me happy, not to have to click 'cancel' !

create the file devnil.c with the contents (exculding the --- line):
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
return -1;

You have to have the C compiler installed (gcc)? build-essential for debian.

gcc devnil.c -o devnil

The executable devnil is created.
Copy it to /usr/local/bin and make it executable.
Now in konqueror select it as the external program to spawn in conjunction with *.swf files.

What happens?
For every *.swf file devnil will be called, happily ignoring the *.swf file just starting and exiting.
But konqueror will thing it did a good job, forwarding *.swf to devnil .
No more clicking for me.
However, the down side is, that the *.swf file will be downloaded, wasting bandwith. OK, hopefully you have a flat rate.