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Thursday, July 13th 2006, 10:28am

how to disable logout in k menu

;)hi to all
how can i remove logout from k-menu



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Monday, July 17th 2006, 6:00pm

RE: how to disable logout in k menu

There is Kiosk for that (
Bram Schoenmakers
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Saturday, December 9th 2006, 7:48am

RE: how to disable logout in k menu

You can either use the KDE Kiosk Tool ( or make changes to the KDE config files manually. Start with the kiosktool. Down the code, compile it as root, and run it as root, then setup a profile, and then assign the user(s) you want to that profile, and that's all!! Kiosktool will create KDE config files in /etc/kde-profiles and you can see them (they're text files) in /etc/kde-profiles/share/config (careful: some distros such as Suse put the files in /opt/kde3/share/config)