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Monday, May 15th 2006, 11:43pm

Installation of Software

I am new to Linux, BUT, not for long it seems. Whenever I try to download and install software that is specific for Kubuntu on a Mac Mini PowerPC , I go through to terminal to sudo it and guess what, it does not work. The multimedia players that I have also do not work as they are apparently missing parts. :rolleyes: If this is the future of Kubuntu, then I am sorry but I will have to revert back to Mac OSX. At least I could download things such as Limewire and the like.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong ?( ;(



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Tuesday, May 16th 2006, 1:23pm

RE: Installation of Software

I had multimedia problems as well with Kubuntu. I'd suggest to try another distribution, SuSE should be a safe bet.
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Tuesday, May 16th 2006, 9:58pm

Just to make sure: with "download and install" you meant that you selected the respective packages in adept or synaptic and had it install them.

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