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  • "arendald" started this thread

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Wednesday, May 3rd 2006, 12:19am


Reading stuff about KDE4 (and I'm quite excited about it), I was thinking of something : maybe KDE4 is more a revolution than an evolution.

This point of view is based not only on what I see here and there in the brainstorm sections on forums but also considering globally all the project and its counterparts (appeal, plasma, oxygen, tenor, phonon, etc.).

Therefore, I thought maybe it was time to change 'also' the name and/or logo (gears, blue stuff, K, apps names starting with K, etc.) for the whole project. I know it may sound quite unpleasant to zealots but I do think it may be the right time to do so.

Have nothing yet to submit but I had to share that thought because I believe names and graphic stuff (what people actually see of a computer project whatever it is) are essential.



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Wednesday, May 3rd 2006, 4:07pm

I partly agree with you. I have thought for long that the gears logo should go because:
a) it gives an impression that KDE is only for geeks who understand completely how computers work
b) it reminds of old mechanic stuff, and I don't think that's what KDE4 should feel like
c) it's pretty ugly, even if it has had a few facelifts recently (compare it to that ├╝bercool gnome logo :))

I also agree on app naming, that kwhatever naming scheme is just stupid. Colors need an overhaul too, currently there's only different shades of blue, and that is not only boring, but it also makes usability worse. I suggest adding a bit of yellow or bright orange to some areas that need to be noticed easily.

However I disagree on changing the name of KDE completely, since there will still be a lot of previous versions' code in KDE4, developers are the same as is community, goals etc. And which sounds better, "fourth major version of long developed K Desktop Environment" or "a new desktop environment, forked from KDE"? :)


Saturday, May 6th 2006, 11:43am


The main problem is probably the colors.



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Saturday, May 6th 2006, 5:50pm

If you have consistent ideas on new artwork, might be the place to discuss them.

As for the application names: it seems application developers have moved away from simply prefixing the name with K but rather integrate it as part of the name, for example by using a word from a different language than English (e.g. Kalzium, Krita)

For already existing applications that are just ported to KDE4, staying with the already established name might often be the better choice, for example IMHO it would be a bad idea to rename KWord to something different.

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Saturday, July 29th 2006, 1:44pm

RE: evolution/revolution

Normally you would develop a 'new' logo by abstractiing the old, so there is some recognizable element but it is being modernized.

BTW I don't agree it has to be changed. Let's keep the eye on the ball.



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Saturday, July 29th 2006, 3:12pm

Hmm... I kinda like the logo, although I liked the previous logo better (the one before this plain square logo). The gears don't look "geeky" to me. I have never thought of associating gears with geeks.

But what does the gear really mean? :D
I think that they should come up with a sort of "museum" or documents about the history of some stuff in KDE, like the name Konqueror (it's explained in their website), the mascot Konqui, the gear in the logo, etc.

No offense meant, but at least our logo is somehow related to the brand. I still can't seem to understand how a footprint relates to... Maybe I'm just too stupid to understand... :(
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Tuesday, August 8th 2006, 11:00am

Kill Konqui

The main things I would like to see in terms of a new look which I haven't seen happening are:

Konqui being axed: The dragon guy- he's cheesy and tacky, Microsoft got rid of Clippy and MS-BOB, it's time to get rid of this useless guy- make him part of AMOR or something. It degrades the look of the environment in my opinion. I'm sure many people are attached to him buy screw mascots.

Smaller Taskbar: the default size of the taskbar is huge, ok I know some people like it that way but at present it takes up a lot of space vertically, I am not saying make it as small as possible- just shorter.
Not everybody is a geek like us and some people have small screens that just can't afford to have so much space taken up- maybe have it as an option when you first start up- why not have a config wizard when you start a new account asking for sizes etc- hopefully everybody wins then.


Tuesday, August 22nd 2006, 6:43pm

I totally agree that it will (is?) be good if applications get rid of the annoying "K" - no matter if it is just attached, misspelled, non-english or whatever. It's annoyng. The very KDE is totally OK. It refers to something.

The all-blue outlook (that is hard to entirely change even with themes, just to note) should have option. Warm, not bright collors are better IMO, as well as many others.

The dragon is lame. I doubt it will be "killed", but make out an alternative.


Sunday, November 12th 2006, 3:43am

Happy to see you want Konqi goes out of here.

I won't say anything about the name "KDE", i find it pretty good.
Also i'm happy about your opinion on "Gears", i'm currently trying to find a
new logo for KDE, but gears are not so inspiring, especially with what KDE 4 want to symbolize but i won't avoid totallly it, cause sometimes, gear suits well about KDE's concept.



Monday, March 5th 2007, 6:04am

I'm so glad someone is talking about this

Seriously, the dragon and the gears really need to go. Its pretty sad, but honestly, these things are so much an annoyance to me that i've stuck with Gnome. Now, i think there are other issues - like that i'm more used to it, etc. But every time i've looked (i've done this many times) at switching to kde, i see the goofy dragon and the gears everywhere and i just cant go there.

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Monday, March 5th 2007, 8:48pm

RE: Kill Konqui

i totaly agree with Northerngeek about the taskbar, andwith theintegration of SVG, there is no problem for redimesioning all the icons...

the taskbar, systray etc must have the possibility to have the dimesion we wants, not with minimum ou maxim...

i know, i will say something very bad ;) but a good exemple of redifinition of taskbar, panel etc.. is the shelves of E17 (dimensioning, positioning etc...)

i have a monitor 17 inch, and for gimp or inkscape, i prefer use all the window, without taskbar, BUT i also want to always see the hour, and the systray (for amarok or kopete for exemple)

my 2 cents..


Monday, March 5th 2007, 11:54pm

You could create an extra panel that only holds the systray in it.
make the panel very small with the option to grow to the neccesary size enabled.

Hide the mainpanel and leave the extra panel on the desktop.

Only backdraw is that maximum sized windows won't use the space of the extra panel, so you need to stretch them manually
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Tuesday, March 6th 2007, 5:41pm

it's what i'm using now, but i don't want to hide this panel, i want it always on top... to see my clock, or my new arriving mail for exemple...

i know it's just 24 pixel losts or o moving od mouse to see the panel... but these small things make the desktop more user friendly and productive for me ;)



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Thursday, March 8th 2007, 5:46am

My suggestion

Actually i think KDE should forget about de CDE behavior it drags.

And please quit de dragon konqui whatever it's just horrible.