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Saturday, December 2nd 2006, 4:40am

yeah I just installed kubuntu, and I have to say that it's beautiful.


Sunday, December 3rd 2006, 12:23pm


reasonable, and there are more reasons of it. Expect to hear more.


Sunday, December 3rd 2006, 9:04pm

Last night I thought of a few things I would like to see in KDE 4.

1. A DPI mouse changer in KControl or System Settings. An option to allow the DPI of the mouse to be lowered through a pull-down menu.

2. Bindable mouse buttons. Mouse3, Mouse4, Mouse5, Mouse6, Mouse7, bind-able to "Back", "Forward", "No Action", etc.. The reason for this being that when using the scroll wheel the Mouse3 button is accidentally pushed resulting in an unwanted action.

3. A Konqueror "Show Hidden Folders In Side Panel" option allowing the viewing and tracking of hidden folders as the location of the file browser changes.

4. Root auto-login capabilities.

5. A simpler theming system, One similar to GNOME's drag-and-drop.

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Sunday, December 10th 2006, 5:33pm

Two things I would like to see are for konsole. The option to automatically copy to the paste buffer anything that's highlighted and the ability to assign macros to keys being either inherent commands and simply just text.

Thanks for a great product.
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Sunday, December 24th 2006, 3:51pm

Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to say that whatever you do in KDE 4, please include
the following features:

1. Make _all_ the features in the panel accessible from the keyboard
(like they made it possible to select the panel in GNOME using
Ctrl+Alt+Tab). Other than this, KDE already has enough configurability
as far as keyboard shortcuts are concerned.

2. Please provide an option in Konqueror to save "entire web pages"
like firefox, epiphany, etc.
I am not talking about the 'archive web page' feature, which does
seem to be a good solution. I have faced a situation where I archived
a web page using Konqueror in Dapper, brought it home, and tried
to open it using Konqueror under Edgy, and KDE refused to open it
telling me that I was trying to open an archive file using Konqueror
when I should be using the archiving tool in KDE to do so. (On trying
to do the same from konsole, the .war file was opened fine by Konqueror).
Besides, firefox et al does not recognize the .war format (which is probably
just a .tgz file I believe)
Firefox already does this, but when I am using KDE, I don't want to
use firefox (in KDE, konqueror is really fast and firefox somehow feels
a little out of place in the KDE environment)

3. Please get rid of artsd ASAP, and use gstreamer instead.

4. Use the XGL/AIGLX to the fullest to give the users the best possible
eye candy. (I admit that after the initial 'wow' period is over, I usually
turn off all eye candy things, but they are great to attract people
from other OSs to Linux.)

Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing. I am expecting
great things from both KDE 4 and GNOME in the coming days.

Santanu Chatterjee


Monday, December 25th 2006, 1:00am

include the possibility to change the konsole schema if you su or ssh to a server (i.e. change the background color) or display the servers hostname in the background.


Wednesday, December 27th 2006, 5:25pm

I would like to be able to select text on web pages as I type in Konqueror.



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Tuesday, January 30th 2007, 8:29pm

RE: What you want from KDE 4


Originally posted by thulemanden


Originally posted by skyfire
Many people are switching to gnome instead of KDE.

Perhaps. I am sure a lot of Gnome users are switching to KDE too. ;-)

Choice is king and makes everybody happy.

The main scope is to keep them different and with enough customization to keep everybody happy. :-)

I have seen a lots of moving from Gnome > KDE. First time users choose Gnome because it is easy to learn, (kde has much buttons what users dont need by default) but after a while, they dont like Gnome anymore because they CANT CUSTOMIZE desktop how they like it to be. Little advanced users like to change other things too and not just wallpaper or style, they like to change buttons order, remove buttons or drag panels to different places. Users likes to have options what to customize and make desktop look and feel more as it would be made for them.

I, use little spear time to tweak my KDE desktop, i have removed buttons what i dont like on konqueror, and for some special times, i have saved different profiles what i can easily load... i dont need to use ONE konqueror GUI... I have set own shortcuts for actions so i can easily do what i want, i dont need adapt to GUI, i can adjust GUI for me... It is power of KDE and it is power of OpenSource...

I dont like to see any of those "KDE must be more like a windows" or "KDE must be more like a MacOSX"... if users dont like default look of KDE, then customize it, you have the power and if users are whining about those, they have willing to customize desktop.....

Windows and MacOSX biggest problems is they do all just one way, you dont have so much power to customize. (MacOSX dont need so much for normal use, but i need it when i use MacOSX).

And my self, sometimes i like to use Gnome, it is nice when you have 10-15 files only and you need surf web, write few emails to users who address you rememer and write simple text files with gedit... that's it, nothing else i cant stand to do because i dont have power of edit (my opinion) stupid nautilus GUI, i use more Thunar but i cant edit it either... That's why i use krusader or konqueror on Gnome because i can customize them for me....

I hope KDE4 developers makes more possibilities for KDE users to customize desktop and make DEFAULT look to simple way... then allow power users and users who has own idea what desktop should look, to customize it how they like... it just allows more users to have reason to use KDE....

Even most people dont like that they have to choose, they like if someone choose for them, but still they dont like to be like a party of sheeps.... they like to have freedom or atleast illusion of it....

I chosed KDE because of freedom what Gnome, MacOSX, XP, Vista didn't offer.... I understand what some users are whining about 'KDE is not like _____' but they just dont know how to make it act how they liked... they dont like to read readme files and after something goes wrong, they blame all other than itselfs......

There is no anyone else who can say better how desktop GUI should look, than user itself... and there is many of us....

ps. sorry if this sounds like whining but it is that and it is mean to be other users who whines about "why KDE is not like _______"......



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Tuesday, January 30th 2007, 8:30pm


Originally posted by smithxi
I would like to be able to select text on web pages as I type in Konqueror.

press shift+/ and you get it.......



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Tuesday, January 30th 2007, 8:34pm


- I do not know how to say this ... konqueror is a good browser but why try making a good browser when the guys from mozilla are making the best browser on earth ... they manage to make that browser because that's what they do all day ! smile ... I think firefox should be somehow better integrated in the kde desktop ... no matter how much the kde developers would try to make a browser like that I don't think they would manage to make one soo quickly ...

Why KDE users should change KHTML engine (what has best support for standards, first engine to support CSS3, while Opera and Firefox dont...) to gecko what is slow to load?

There was option to change konqueror HTML engine from KHTML > Gecko but that option is taked away.... mayby you need to find out why that option was taken away....(?)



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Tuesday, January 30th 2007, 8:44pm


Originally posted by calande
I installed Windows Vista Ultimate here, and I can say that KDE is at light years behind Windows Vista. Will KDE have Aero with 3D and transparency effects? I wish KDE were a lot better, it has some potential, but...

How can we directly influenciate developers to integrate some Aero-like tool into KDE 4?

What KDE needs is possibility to use Kwin in compiz (yes, there is that possibility now but it dont work so well)... Not even Vista has those 3D effects...

One thing what would make nice for KDE too is that normal window background could be transsparent, but we never know what KDE4 brings... but i have used Vista since first public beta, and i say it's WAY behind KDE on usability, customizing, look... I cant customize "anything" on Vista....

What KDE4 could need? Nice easy devel-studio for making themes by jow-avarage-user.... and for power users too.... KDE needs more choises and possibilities to do task by different ways..... just like *nix system allows users to do...


Wednesday, January 31st 2007, 7:32am

kwin is adapting some of the 3D-effects that compiz and others are using.
You can find some videos of that on youtube.
Besides that, compiz and beryl are getting more and more kde compatible while they are maturing.
So AFAIK, the future looks bright from that point of view :)
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Thursday, February 1st 2007, 2:45am

adapt launchy for KDE4 ?

I love this desktop tool, it is "" What about a klauch in kde4 ?


Thursday, February 1st 2007, 9:37am

launchy looks a bit like Katapult.
AFAIK the plasma project is working on such a feature for kde4, probably based on katapult
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Thursday, February 1st 2007, 9:46am

This is a good new,

This tool is simple and useful. I will test Katapult soon (I never use it)



Friday, February 2nd 2007, 9:51pm

One feature which is imo long overdue is the simple option of automatically cd'ing to in konqueror to the path of whatever file is about to be opened. It would be a nicety that would do away with the need to open a terminal just to run a script or wine program that needs other files in the same directory.

It could be an useful option added individually for each file type.


Friday, February 2nd 2007, 10:58pm

no idea what you are talking about ;)
Can you explain that feature a bit more?
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Friday, February 16th 2007, 1:30am

What I'd like from kde 4 is the power and the beauty.

The power : the abilities and the features to perform my job or whatever thing I'm working on. Graphics, sound,video, multimedia, office stuff, coding, etc. but also advanced settings to tune the system the way I want. It has already pretty much all I need (not all). A higher speed. Some apps are slow to show up. Of course it may be related to the apps but I find kde a bit sluggish (I don't mean to enter a 'speed war' : on my system it's as fast as this, on mine it's like that etc.). I just believe improvements can and must be realized.
I'm not really worried about that aspect of the incoming kde 4. From what I've read I see lot of good things coming and I'm not surprised.

The beauty : here things are little bit more complicated. Beauty is obviously something subjective. But in my humble opinion the kde team does not have any real interface 'mind'. A new icon set (oxygen) does not make an interface. The weirdest thing to me is they seem to rely on the community to create stuff here and there such as : window decorations, styles, kdm themes, splash for this, splash for that (we got so many splash...), etc. Well, when the community has produced and will keep creating good or bad things acording to your taste and like and that's a good thing, it does not make a real unified interface. it's just a collection of layers on top of the engine.

I see a lot of things I find pretty good in brainstorm. Ideas at different level for kde 4. Some are really trying to propose something really new in the way kde do things or display things and that is way beyond a simple icon set and a new style.

Kde 4 would need to change things deeply and from everything I've read so far there is absolutely no sign they will, worst I see clear signs they won't. So, now, I'm not very confident with the future of kde 4. I see lot of horse power buried under layers of chaotic things, inherited from kde 3 and patched and customized by users (mostly). I may be wrong, I hope I am. Unfortunately I don't see any sign I am.

Just thought I had to share my thoughts.


Friday, February 16th 2007, 2:17am


Kde 4 would need to change things deeply and from everything I've read so far there is absolutely no sign they will, worst I see clear signs they won't

That's something I don't understand: For what i see of the kde4 development, they make very radical changes to the desktop and its framework.
A lot of technology gets thrown out and is replaced by new tech that meets the need of the future desktop users.

What signs do you get that give you the opposite conclusion?
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Friday, February 16th 2007, 1:14pm


Kde 4 would need to change things deeply and from everything I've read so far there is absolutely no sign they will, worst I see clear signs they won't

I was not thinking of pure technology or coding such as Decibel or Phonon, etc.

I was thinking of interface.