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Wednesday, March 29th 2006, 4:24pm

Disappearing program labels and screens.

I've just installed a new version of Kanotix (2005-4) and have managed to lose the labels showing currently running programs which appear just to the right of the window squares in the bottom panel. (I'm not sure what they are "properly" called, but they are the ones you click on when you want to go back to a program.) This means that if I click on the hide button [-] at the top rhs of a screen it vanishes, but I cannot restore it even though it is actually still running (e.g. the sound continues from realplayer!)

I've gone over all the configuration screens I can think of and reset the defaults, but this doesn't fix it.

This problem is only occurring in my personal user account, root is OK.

Is there a way to restore these without either reinstalling or opening a new user account and copying all my stuff over?
Currently running Kanotix 20005-4


Wednesday, March 29th 2006, 7:18pm

Problem Solved

OK I've solved it. I had accidentally removed the taskbar from the panel.

To restore: right click.>Add to panel>Applet>Click on Taskbar.

All part of the learning process!
Currently running Kanotix 20005-4