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Saturday, January 28th 2006, 7:15pm

amaroK: scan of hidden directories

In amarok 1.3.1 (KDE 3.4.3) the 'First-run Wizard' has the following behaviour:
  • if recursive directory scan is enabled, hidden directories (starting with .) will be processed
  • if a directory is opened in the Wizard directory selection step, hidden directories are not displayed.
This is imho not a consistent behaviour, hidden directories should either be consistently be shown and scanned, or not. Wonder what opinions are ?


Friday, April 7th 2006, 9:41pm

RE: amaroK: scan of hidden directories


this is actually a bug in amaroK. It should not scan hidden files at all.
See also Bug 115478: amaroK scans hidden directories and the trash bin in the KDE bug database.