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Wednesday, November 2nd 2005, 6:13am

menu button icons missing again

I am frustrated with this problem but I will try not to let it show. The problem is with menu and button icons disappearing in KDE and it has occured twice. Specifically the following things are wrong:
*program icons no longer appear next to the program names under the start menus
*the bouncing loading program icon next to the cursor shows up as a blank box
*toolbar buttons in Konqueror are blank
*toolbar buttons in Kopete are blank
*toolbar buttons in Kword are blank
*in the control panel: the apply and cancel buttons are blank; icons next to the modules
are missing
*toolbar buttons for Firefox are fine
*toolbar buttons for Music Box are fine
*toolbar buttons for OpenOffice are fine
*root account is fine and Konqueror ran in superuser mode is fine

My distribution facts and the problem history follows.

Fedora Core 4
KDE 3.4.0-6.

This problem has occured twice when making desktop appearance changes. Both times I was changing wallpaper images, colors, multiple desktops, and working with themes. After the button and menu icons disappeared the first time I fixed it by deleting the .KDE folder in my home directory and it was fixed upon next boot for quite some time even after changing the wallpaper and colors. Today the problem happened after altering the desktop appearance again. I now believe that the bug occurs when creating a new theme because after I fixed the problem the first time I altered the appearance of the desktop through doing everything that I have altered today but I did not create a new theme; of course I cannot be sure that this is indeed the source of the problem.

Who ever can answer, please tell me:
1) How do I restore the icons without deleting my KDE profiles again?
2) What is causing this problem and how can it be fixed/avoided?

Finally a couple points of feedback to KDE developers:
1) I miss the old KDE theme manager because it seemed to work with less issues. For one, I could get a new snapshot for the theme after creating it.
2) Why is there not an option to save changes to a theme? This seems to be elementary part of functuality.
3) I'm not sure if this is a KDE or Fedora problem, but after I click the "administrator" button for one of the control panel modules and enter the password I am taken to the default screen instead of entering the module with administrator privileges. Fortunately, I can access these modules with admin privileges by running the module from a terminal in superuser mode, so I have not bothered to seek out an answer before but it is an annoying handicap.

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Friday, November 4th 2005, 12:52am

Okay, I've done a little experimentation and am now have a better idea of what is happening. However, the path that this is leading me down is quite frustrating. It turns out that it is a problem with the theme manager that is causing the icons to disappear. If I create a new theme and apply that theme I lose the button icons as I have described in the original post. If I then apply a theme that came with my installation I get the icons back. So, it appears that the theme manager is creating corrupted themes (I consider the loss of button icons to be corruption).

So, a new set of questions then:

1) Does anyone else out there with KDE 3.4 have this problem? To put it another way, is there someone out there that can create new themes through the KDE 3.4 control panel without loosing these icons? I'm wondering if this is a KDE problem or a problem with Fedora's implimentation of KDE.

2) Does anyone know how I can correct this error in the theme files? I see that a bunch of settings are defined in an xml file. I'm going to try comparing the xml file in my created theme with a theme that does not lose the icons. If anyone can give me any suggestions on what the problem is with the file or how to find it, I would appreciate the help.


Friday, November 4th 2005, 2:39am

Okay, I've solved my own problem. Through yum I updated all my KDE packages. The themes I created before updating still cause button icons to go missing *but* new themes that I create do not. The control panel now shows me as running KDE 3.4.2-0. Hopefully these posts will help someone else.


Friday, January 6th 2006, 3:04am

Me too! Your answer has helped

I, too, have run into the missing icons problem recently (most recently on KDE 3.5), and I had no idea how to fix it.
I changed my theme from one I'd created to one pre-made, and the icons reappeared. Although I'd love to use my own themes and have the icons work, at least they're back.
Thank you.



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Tuesday, December 4th 2007, 5:55am

I have had the same experience and wish I had come across your posts sooner as I was also tearing my hair out before realising that it was creating my own theme that caused the loss of icons!

When creating a theme you need to go to advanced and make sure that all icons are properly assigned...
running on Debian Etch



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Monday, January 7th 2008, 10:36pm

I used to have the same problem several times by now. I always got around it by firstly applying one of the pre-defined themes and making changes to it afterwards; i. e. whenever I did that I lost all the changes I made before the error appeared.

Now I realized that when one adjusts and save the icon colour configuration after changing the icon theme, the theme is saved properly and all the icons in menu bars reappear. Although it's not a solution, at least it seems to be a workaround.