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Friday, October 14th 2005, 4:32pm

[Kopete] OTR plug-in?

Does anyone know whether there is a plug-in providing OTR, aka Off-the-Record Messaging, ( ) support for Kopete? I have a friend who is using Adium on the Mac and it only seems to support OTR. I tried getting him to use a client that supported GPG and ran into a few issues (he was using Fire), of the form he was getting "This message is encrypted" messsages, even though we both had each others keys.

We are wanting to find some solution to chat over an encrypted connection, using Jabber.

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Monday, September 11th 2006, 9:51pm

also interested in this

I'm a Kubuntu user and would love to be able to ditch Gaim for Kopete but Gaim has nicely integrated the OTR plugin.

What needs to happen?


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