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Thursday, September 29th 2005, 12:39pm

KDE with Qt4?

This is my first post in this forum and I have first of all one confession to make:

I’m normally not a KDE programmer *runs and hides*

I do *use* KDE on my free time and I do appreciate the project very much tough. Also, I’m a very warm supporter of any open source project.

That said, to my issue:

In my professional life I’m a SW developer using Qt as the middleware for one of our companies applications. Quite recently Qt4 was released, and some features seemed to me as really nice. So I quite happily started to port our application (originally written for Qt 2.3.0. and already once ported to Qt 3).

Wheeeoo – bad move ;(


I’ve been porting the application for several weeks now, and I still don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel (yet it’s only 200k lines of code).

Ermm, some people might probably call my code is a little “dirty” – I prefer to say that I use all the features available, to expand Qt so that it could be used for an abstract modelling similar to dataflow diagrams used in MatLab/Simulink. Most of the application is in fact is this extension to the Qt middleware.

I used the QObject meta data quite a lot, threading and overloading of undocumented functions I dug up from the Qt source e.t.a.

OK – I admit it, I was begging for trouble. However, I’m willing to pay a certain price for Trolltechs change of API, but I think what they’ve done is simply too much. (Even the clean and simple classes are changed – like containers and such). So now dear fellow KDE developers, my question: have you made any reflections about Qt4 yet? Will the KDE sourcebase be ported to Qt4? When will this be done and what are your experiences and reflections so far?

I know that I might be stretching this community’s willingness to help me out a bit, but any information would be truly appreciated and helpful. I would not hesitate to rewrite the application from scratch if I got convinced that it’s worth it. In case some one wonders about why I addressed this issue here instead of turning to Trolltech, is because I fear that their responses might be a little biased.

Keep up the good work! We’ll soon get Bill Gates on his knees, begging to join us ;)
/Aprak of Atys



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Thursday, September 29th 2005, 3:55pm

RE: KDE with Qt4?


Originally posted by aprak
Will the KDE sourcebase be ported to Qt4?



When will this be done and what are your experiences and reflections so far?

That's what is currently happening in SVN trunk, i.e. all commits going into that branch are porting to Qt4

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