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Thursday, July 14th 2005, 4:06pm

Create a default configuration for all user

I'm new to this forum, and I'm new to Kde also!
Probably I'm asking for something stupid, but I can't figure it out!!
I've found something searching the forum, but I have not solved my problem by now.
I need some help: I need to create a default configuration for all users (.kde, Desktop and kmenu), in order to load a single immutable configuration for everyone at logon.
I've made a copy of .kde in /etc/skel, so every new created user will have this configuration, but how can I extend the default configuration to already created users? And how can I make this configuration immutable?
I think I'll have to change some global configuration settings, but which ones?
What I really need is to run a script at startup for all users and to set a few link to applications on Desktop..
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Thursday, July 14th 2005, 7:31pm

This is the correct forum :)

Especially the section titled "Kiosk" and links there, but also file system hierachy and config files.

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Friday, July 15th 2005, 7:32am

That's it!! 8)
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