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Wednesday, July 6th 2005, 7:31am

Save and re-open a Kopete chat

I ran a project with virtual meetings via ICQ. I was using Kopete as communication tool under mandrake 10 and after each vitual meeting i saved the entire chat with "Chat - Save". The only selectable format was XML. Now I want to summarize and document the meeting results and tried to re-open the stored XML-files with kopete again. I discovered that kopete does not have an appropriate menu item where I can do this.

I am really in trouble now - please help. What can I do?


Wednesday, July 6th 2005, 1:20pm

RE: Save and re-open a Kopete chat

You can always try to open the xml-document in a text browser. xml is just plain text with xml-tags about the function of a part of the text (just like html). It should be possible to get the information out of the xml-file with this.

It is possible that a nicer way exist: it is possible that there are filters to convert xml into xhtml or something like that.

Looking in the source code of Kopete, it seems like there are three choises: text/html, text/xml and text/plain, but maybe that was different in previous versions.