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Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 12:11am

Kopete skin or theme

Styles are ok, but will Kopete ever have a feature that supports downloading/using Kopete skins or themes ?


Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 3:41am

From the Kopete FAQ...


Will you make the user-interface skinnable?
The only answer for this is no. Kopete was invented to be a KDE Instant-Messenger and this also includes having a KDE Look-n-Feel. By adding skins we would break this rule and having both skin-support and skinless-support at once is impractical as well. Just select a different style in KDEs controlcenter and be happy to have transparent menus and other neat eye-candy today's KDE offers. You can, however, run kopete using a different style. Just run "kopete --style=marble" as an example. Any valid KDE or Qt style will work.

I wonder if a plugin could add skinability? Otherwise it appears we're stuck with KDE styles.

I assume you've checked out the kopete styles at

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